K-8 Curriculum

The EVSC K-8 Virtual Academy provides instruction and support for enrolled elementary and middle school students. The program is housed at the Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center school building, but student work generally takes place in a student’s home or location of their choosing.  Students enrolled in our K-8 program will have regular online and face to face access with instructors to complete their school work. Kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before August 1, 2020.

Students and parents may meet with the teachers in the school instructional setting for regularly scheduled study sessions (as community health allows) or virtual via web meeting.

Instruction in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies are available for grades K-8.  The course work is online software from Edgenuity and Apex Learning and features personalized learning paths filled with engaging activities.  Writing and research projects will also be included in the instructional program to supplement the online activities.  Assessments will include online quizzes and tests and written assignments and projects.

The instruction will be facilitated by an EVSC teacher licensed in the subject and grade level of each student.  The parent or home learning coach will also be instrumental in the student’s daily and weekly instruction and schedule plan.  Although families have some flexibility in scheduling within the day, students are expected to work each school day in each assigned class according to their learning plan.


Learning Coach Role:
Enrollment in the virtual instruction program is a commitment by the student, family, and learning coach. Every student must be provided with adequate daily supervision and support by a responsible adult or learning coach. The learning coach’s active participation is essential to ensure the success of the virtual school student. The learning coach will establish the structure necessary for daily, focused participation in classes and will provide motivation and time management. The learning coach should also communicate with the teacher and administration to ensure the student has a positive and productive experience. The learning coach and/or parent/guardian will also be responsible for providing transportation to orientation sessions or other required/optional activities. 

The learning coach must be available approximately five hours per day to monitor the student’s computer access, engage the student in educational activities, and provide support for the student with assignments that are submitted to the teacher. The learning coach should also encourage the student to participate in daily organized physical exercise experiences.

Communication with the students and parents/guardian or learning coach will take place through email, phone calls, or web meetings. They may also meet face-to-face for conferences as public health conditions allow.

To be successful in the program, students must have daily access to a computer, monitor, printer, and the internet. Students may rent a computer through the EVSC.