High School Enrollment Overview

ImageStudents may enroll in the EVSC Virtual Academy during the enrollment dates for each semester.   Currently, we enroll supplementary students in one course at a time and [email protected] students are enrolled in a full schedule.   Students who complete the senior year in Virtual Academy will be awarded an EVSC Virtual Academy diploma through EVSC.  Upon enrollment, students are expected to complete courses according to the pacing guide and show progress each week of their enrollment.  Students will keep a portfolio of study guides, class notes, and assignments.  Teachers will communicate regularly with the students and their parents regarding the student progress and progress reports will be emailed to students, parent/guardians, and school officials each week.  Supplementary students will attend a study session and progress check with the teacher at least two times during the course.  [email protected] students will attend study sessions in the Virtual Academy classroom two times each week as scheduled with the teachers.  We utilize the Virtual Academy Instruction Guidelines to ensure consistency of expectations in the classes.  Students must master all assignments, quizzes, unit tests, and the final exam to qualify for a course grade and credit.  Students must have regular access to internet and a printer in order to study and progress in the class.  We encourage you to review the Virtual Academy Online Course Readiness Assessment to help you decide if the courses will work for you.

The Learning Coach serves as the Instruction daily support for students during the school day. The learning coach will assist the student to manage the coursework, review performance, motivate and encourage success.  The Learning Coach in the K-8 classes will assist the students in daily instruction in each course.  The Learning Coach in the high school program will provide regular support for organization and understanding of earning credits in an online course.