Course List

Courses for the EVSC Virtual Academy may be offered on a limited basis, based on availability of staff.  Our teachers are fully licensed by the Indiana Department of Education in the areas in which they teach.  We anticipate adding courses throughout the school year as our program continues to grow.

Note:  AP courses follow the College Board curriculum for Advanced Placement courses and include required additional books or manuals that will need to be acquired or purchased by the student.

Each semester course completed qualifies for one credit on the student's transcript.   The courses the EVSC Virtual Academy is currently offering are:


English 9A  semester 1 and 2
English 9 Honors semester 1 and 2
English 10A  semester 1 and 2
English 10 Honors semester 1 and 2
English 11A  semester 1 and 2
English 11 Honors semester 1 and 2
English 12A  semester 1 and 2
Creative Writing (one semester course)
Mass Media (one semester course)
Genres of Literature (one semester course)
Composition (one semester course)
AP English Language and Composition semester 1 and 2
AP English Literature and Composition semester 1 and 2

Science  (Courses fulfill lab requirement)

Biology I semester 1 and 2
Biology I Honors semester 1 and 2
Integrated Phys/Chem semester 1 and 2
Chemistry I semester 1 and 2
Chemistry I Honors semester 1 and 2
Environmental Science semester 1 and 2
Physics I semester 1 and 2
Physics I Honors semester 1 and 2


Algebra I  semester 1 and 2
Algebra I Honors semester 1 and 2
Geometry   semester 1 and 2
Geometry Honors semester 1 and 2
Algebra II  semester 1 and 2
Algebra II Honors semester 1 and 2
Business Math semester 1 and 2
Math 10 semester 1 and 2
Pre-Calculus semester 1 and 2
Probability/Statistics (one semester course)
Trigonometry (one semester course)
AP Calculus AB semester 1 and 2

Social Studies

U.S. History semester 1 and 2
U.S. History Honors semester 1 and 2
World History semester 1 and 2
World History Honors  semester 1 and 2
U. S. Government (one semester course)
U. S. Economics (one semester course)
Ethnic Studies (one semester course)
Psychology (one semester course)
Sociology (one semester course)
AP US History semester 1 and 2
AP Macroeconomics (one semester course)
AP Microeconomics (one semester course)
AP US Government (one semester course)
AP Psychology (one semester course)

World Language

Spanish I semester 1 and 2
Spanish II semester 1 and 2
Spanish III semester 1 and 2
AP Spanish Language semester 1 and 2

Physical Education and Health

Physical Education Elective (one semester course)
Secondary PE I  (one semester course)
Secondary PE II (one semester course)
Health (one semester course)

Business Law semester 1 and 2
Business Math semester 1 and 2
College and Career Preparation (one semester course)
Digital Applications and Responsibility (one semester course)
Introduction to Accounting 
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Marketing semester 1 and 2

Please note that course offerings are subject to change.

Please contact us if you have questions on the course offerings.