Multiple Course Pathways
Apex Learning offers a comprehensive digital curriculum to meet high school graduation requirements in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, and selected electives. The curriculum is designed to support academic success for all students, from those not prepared for grade-level academic challenges to those capable of accelerating their learning. Because students come to high school at varying levels of readiness, Apex Learning has designed its digital curriculum with multiple course pathways, each designed to meet specific needs of students as they transition from middle school to high school and progress toward graduation.  The EVSC Virtual Academy will offer courses based upon enrollment needs and staffing availability.

Foundations Courses

Foundations courses meet the needs of both high school students and transitioning middle school students who are not prepared for grade-level academic challenges. Specifically developed for students ages 13 and older, Foundations courses provide structured remediation in math, reading, and writing.

General Studies Courses

The Apex Learning general studies curriculum features three course pathways to prepare all high school graduates for college and work. The courses in these three pathways share a common scope and sequence and cover the same rigorous, standards-based content.

Core Courses
Core courses meet the needs of a range of students as they endeavor to master rigorous content and earn credits toward graduation. While Core courses assume readiness for grade-level academic challenges, they also include targeted scaffolding for students who benefit from additional learning support.

Honors Courses
Honors courses meet the needs of motivated students seeking to accelerate their learning and deepen conceptual understanding. With many opportunities to apply, extend, and synthesize knowledge, Honors courses are ideally suited to prepare students for the rigors of Advanced Placement* courses.

Advanced Placement Courses
Authorized by the College Board, Apex Learning AP* courses meet higher-education expectations of college-level courses and prepare students to demonstrate achievement through success on the AP exams. Courses target highly motivated students who are reading at grade level or above and who have a track record of success in high school coursework.

*Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board.

Note:  EVSC Virtual Academy AP courses follow the College Board curriculum for Advanced Placement courses and include required additional books or manuals that will need to be acquired or purchased by the student.