What is Virtual Academy

The EVSC Virtual Academy is designed to provide flexibility to students K-12 to earn credits for their regular school classes; credit recovery or credit advancement through the utilization of online learning and the instruction from a licensed teacher. Our teachers communicate regularly with students through weekly progress reports, email and in two scheduled face to face study sessions each week for instruction and progress conferences.  The personal study sessions ensure the best possible instruction and support for our students.  

Throughout their courses, students will complete assignments, quizzes, tests -- and high school students will take a final exam -- all of which factor into a student's final grade.

At the high school level, Virtual Academy offers required and elective courses in English, social studies, science and math, and numerous Advanced Placement courses and courses approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

For students in grades K-8, they too will have regular online and face to face access with instructors to complete their school work. Students and parents will meet regularly with teachers in the school instructional setting, or online, to complete and review their progress.